Thinning and Pruning

Thinning and Pruning2019-02-27T07:48:55+00:00


Pruning and thinning is the practice of the selective removal of parts of a tree.

Reasons to prune plants include deadwood removal, shaping (by controlling or directing growth), improving or maintaining health and reducing risk from falling branches.  If this is done properly, the cutting down of the tree may be delayed. It also creates space between trees creating better air circulation and more light.

Our arborists are skilled in the method of thining and pruning and can identify trees that are damaged, dead, non-productive or structurally unsound.

Our major projects include:

  • CPB – Citylink Tulla Widening – Power St to Bulla Rd
  • RTL – Princes Hwy East – Flynn to Rosedale Section
  • Thiess – Dingley Bypass
  • Baulderstone Leighton Joint Venture (BLJV) Regional Rail Link
  • Thiess M80 Ring Rd Upgrade
  • Vicroads – Fire Prevention Program