Tree Removals

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Safely Removing One Tree At A Time

At Bellarine Tree Services, we’re proud to provide professional tree removal services for both residential and commercial applications. Our team of highly trained arborists can handle most common tree removal jobs which include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Large and small trees
  • Trees in confined or difficult access locations
  • National park trees
  • Commercial and domestic trees
  • Trees located in sensitive surroundings
  • Trees located in local parks and gardens

When removing a tree from a property, our team takes great care to ensure safety of both the tree, themselves and the surrounding location. All tree removals are carried out using high quality equipment to ensure the work is completed in a short amount of time.

In hiring a professional and qualified Bellarine arborist to complete your tree removal jobs, you will be hiring a qualified arborist that:

  • Has adequate public liability insurance.
  • Has extensive knowledge about how trees are structured both above and below the ground.
  • Understands that trees are living organisms and understands how they function.
  • Conducts safe working practices each and every time.
  • Reduces the damage to the tree and the surrounding environment.
  • Performs only the necessary work required on a tree while explaining the reasons why such operations are required.
  • Has a formal qualification such as an Advanced Certificate of Arboriculture or international equivalent.

At Bellarine Tree Services we have over 12 arborists on our team who are equipped to handle any tree removal job. We offer free quotes on all tree work. If you would like to book your free tree quote, call us.